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Stove's insert installations

Enjoy your roaring fireplace!

Nobody ever gathers the family to sit around and watch the furnace on a cold night! Fireplaces have a special spot in our hearts for a crackling, glowing warm reason. Treat your family to a new fireplace or the refurbishing of your current fireplace with just one call.

Installation and repair service:

•   Stove's insert installations

•   Fireplace insert installations

•   Wood-burning stoves

•   Gas burning stoves

•   Pellet burning stoves

•   Fireplace full repairs

•   Stove repairs

•   Inspections

Looking for a more efficient way to heat up your living room without turning the furnace on high? Try one of our wood or gas burning stoves! It'll keep the room toast warm!

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Complete inspections and repairs

If it's been a while since you've used your fireplace, then let us take a quick look before you try to fire it up. Our crews will conduct a fast inspection and make any necessary repairs so you can enjoy it safely.