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Chimney Sweep

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), your chimney should be inspected for soundness, deposits, and clearances at least once a year.

Should gas chimneys be checked too?

Yes - while gas is generally a clean burning fuel, the chimney can become blocked from bird nests or other debris. The average flue can also develop problems caused by modern furnaces can because the flue was intended to vent the older generation of furnaces.

Things to know before choosing

vent-free appliances

How often should a chimney be cleaned?

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CSIA inspection levels

What is a complete chimney sweep?

A sweep is the cleaning of the entire system from the fireplace up which includes the firebox, smoke chamber, smoke shelf, and flue. Our experts also check the system for any visible problems.

  • It Cannot be used as a one main source of heat

  • Don't use if anyone in the house who is suffering from respiratory, diabetic, anemic or heart problems

  • It Cannot be installed in a bedroom or bathroom

  • It can be installed if the fireplace or chimney is in disrepair

  • Improper operation can cause dangerous Malfunctions