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Chimney rebuilding services

Brick repair and tuck pointing.

While brick and stone are long-lasting and durable, they can chip and crack over the years leaving your fireplace looking worn and old. Let us help. Our team of masonry experts can repair, refurbishing, and replace the bricks and stone in your fireplace to let it look like new again.

Chimney rebuilding services:

From repairing one chipped brick to rebuilding the entire chimney block by block, you can count on our dedicated crews to be thorough in their repairs.

•   Brick repair

•   Tuck pointing

•   Chimney crowns

•   Chimney rebuilding

•   Fireplace repair

•   Waterproofing

•   Factory built chimneys

•   Masonry chimneys

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Waterproofing services

Given enough time, water will wear down and erode almost anything. Protect your chimney, its lining, and your fireplace with our chimney waterproofing services.