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Chimney relining

Make sure the lining is installed properly.

As its name suggests, chimney lining provides a barrier between the building blocks of your chimney and the smoke, and other by products of a fire. Normally made of ceramic or metal, the lining directs the airflow out of your chimney and is usually required to bring your chimney up to code. Our team will install the best liner for your chimney.

Chimney relining:

•   Chimney relining

•   Flashing and caps

•   Video inspection

•   Masonry repairs

•   Venting

•   Full line of caps

•   Aluminum flex liners

•   Stainless steel liners

Need new installation for an old chimney? No problem! Aside from bringing your chimney up to code, this new lining will help improve the performance of your fireplace or stove.

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Lining repair is a call away.

It's all about ventilation.

The smoke from a fire is going to go somewhere - with the proper lining. We can make sure that it doesn't accumulate on the walls of your chimney or get blown back into your home.